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Fashion Flashback

I grew up in the 70's and 80's. Yep, being born in 69, I got to enjoy both decades as a youngun.

I was having a flash back the other day on some of the tacky trends I remember growing up with. Some are still around and some have made a come back. But here are a few cool fashion fads I rmember and wonder if they will ever make a comeback.

The Burmuda Bag:

I had one of these and truth be told, I probably still have it somewhere at mom and dads house. It was a set of wooden handles with a liner attached and buttons across the top. You could purchase all colors and patterned covers to button on to match your outfit. The covers were reversable so when youn bought one, you actually got two. I remember my mom (being a great seamstress) would make me several reversable covers from fabrics I picked out of her sewing room.

Jap Flaps:

I remember these being "the" flip flop everyone had. They were not as uncomfortable as they look. The straps were a padded velvet. The soles were made of straw that would eventually form to your feet as you wore them out.
These need to come back! I'd get a pair.
They came in navy, burgandy, and black.

Transparent Sun Visor:

These were trendy and you could get them everywhere. You could pick one up at the dime store, beach store and amusement parks. Beach goers everywhere made these look sexy. Ha!
I actually want one of these and found a pink one (just like in the photo) on ebay for a big whopping five dollars! Yes I purchased it. My husband just looked at me and shook his head as if I need another hat! It's probably a cheepo but it will be fun. It should arrive in a couple days. I think I could bring the look back. Ya think??

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