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Empty Church

There sits a church on the side of the road I pass every day. On Sundays you could see children running around in the yard of this little church waiting for services to begin. I remember seeing teens sitting on the steps giggling and playing while they wait for their parents to finish saying their goodbyes as they all leave to go home to their Sunday dinners.  

Sadley Those images are mearly ghost when the doors of this church closed for the last time for these members.

I wondered, "Where did they go?"
Was it finacial reasons?
Was there a disagreement?
Did anyone even fight to keep worship going?

These days everyone is opting for the "mega churches" or the new "plant churches" set up at local facilites and schools. 

I wish eveyone would come back to the little old fashion churches. Where everyone knows everyones name. You had church on Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday evenings. Where everyone know each other and if your sick or out, they know it and will check on you. If a family needs help, everyone chips in. Everyone does things together like one big family. There are amens in the congregation, kneeling at the alters, families sitting together and covered dish dinners waiting in the fellowship hall. Haha, I had to throw that one in.

I look at this little church with a for sale sign in the yard. I don't see it as a closed church. I see it as an open invitation to another growing congregation looking for a place to worship or a new pastor looking to start his own church. 

Im happy to say, as I rode buy this little church yesterday, there was a message written in spanish on the church sign. The for sale sign was gone. There was a group of people, young and old, working alone the outside to get things ready.  

So see, this church was an answered prayer to some. 
I hope they continue to grow. 

Two Ingredient Pita FlatBread

Grab your plate and log into Pinterest! It's time for another food post! 
I'm still a little under the weather but thats not hurting my appetite at all. 

My husband picked me up from work a little early today since he had my car -AKA Betty. 
He had just gotten back from getting her oil changed. I had to go to the bank for work, I couldn't wait to see him and he couldn't wait to pick me up, so it all worked out. 

This got me home a little sooner than normal so I decided to play around in the kitchen for a couple minutes before supper time. Yea, we are routine on supper. We always eat during the week around 5:30. Thats what happens when you get old. 

Anyways! I wanted a bread to go with my Nutrisystem Meatballs, so I grabbed two ingredients. 
Yes, only two ingredients and made these wonderful pita flatbreads. 

  • 6oz plain Greek Yogurt
  • 1 cup self-rising flour.
Make a dough and divide into four balls. Roll each ball into an approx 6 inch flat. 
If dough is too dry, add a tad of water.
Grease frying pan with cooking spray (zero calories). And fry each side until lightly browned.

These flatbreads are actually softer than they look in my photos.

These can be used for sandwiches, pizzas or alone with a smear of sweet butter. 
Each round is approx 140 calories.

Of course, I love my Nutrisystem foods so I made a Nutrisystem Meat ball pizza.

I took one pita round and added half of my Nutrisystem Meatballs in Marinira Sauce (cut into small pieces). 
Added some fresh spinach and a pinch of cheese. 
After placing in the toaster oven a few minutes, I had a wonderful tasty pizza that was as healthy as it was good. And guess what? Since I only used half of the meatballs, I have enough to make another one tomorrow! 

On the Nutrisystem plan, this would count as one meal and one power fuel (cheese). 
Top with veggies of choice. 

Now if I just knew how to make tzaziki sauce!