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Rustic Bundt Pan Wreath

It's September. I hate to see Summer go but I do like the smell of Autumn. I enjoy the colors its brings. I like flannel and fire pits. It's that time for falling leaves, football games, bonfires and Pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING hits the selves. I have a confession: Pumpkin flavor is not my favorite. Pumpkin Pie is ok if its loaded with whip topping.

I'm ready to bring out my Fall decorations but we don't want to rush it. We want to get one more beach trip in first, so I'll wait until its officially Fall. 

Meanwhile I had this bright idea to make a fall wreath. We do not have much money so I'm always thrifty. When I say thrifty, im talking thrift store or dollar store thrifty. Today we made a trip to the dollar store for some cookies. They have a kind I like and they are only a dollar!

I never go to the dollar store without leaving with a handfull of "things". 
Today I grabbed a spool of seasonal ribbon and a floral stem. 
My husband just gave me a look. "I have a plan", I exclaimed. He just nodded and said "well, ok".

Once we got home, I had an hour to waste before meeting my brother-in-laws for dinner. My husband was resting on the sofa. I quietly pulled out my old rustic and stained bundt pan from the cabanet while my craft idea was still fresh in my head. I cut the ribbon and twisted the floral stem until the idea became reality. 

I created a fall wreath to hang in my kitchen. It took me all of two dollars and two minutes to create. 
The bundt cakes will have to wait till Winter. 

Three Months is Too Long

Ok here I go complaining again. I told myself I would not post this whiney stuff anymore but I honestly do not have anything else to talk about today. Sad huh.

Despite the smile on my face, and fun in my heart, I'm still in physical pain. This all started the first week of July. I started getting chest pains that felt like a heart attack. They would come and go and woke me during the night. It was even accompanied by sweating, racing heartbeat and shortness of breath.

I have had several test. I had two EKGs, blood test, chest xrays and a nuclear stress test. Nothing wrong with my heart. So we move on to possible gallbladder problems. An ultra sound and hida scan later, nothing seems wrong there either. I've had to wait a week between each test and thats annoying. I want a solution. I guess the 25 years of paying thousands of dollars for insurance is finally gonna benifit me, but I doubt it. 

The pains get worst by the day. I'm feeling sick now. Pains are now pretty consistant instead of comming and going. They are from my lower sternum to my collar bone and upper back. I'm so uncomfortable. At times I feel as if a 600 lb. bear is hugging me. I have shortness of breath, I can't enjoy exercise though I try every day. I toss and turn with chest and back pains during the night and it grinds all day long. 

The doctor has now gone back to his first instinct and thinks it's acid reflux or Gerd. I'm not really feeling that, but I do have some symptoms that suggest this could be possible. However, I wouldn't think Gerd would feel like I've been kicked in the chest by a kung fu fighter.

As a last resort, I'm scheduled for an endoscopy in two weeks! Uugh the wait!!! I'm on the list if they get any cancelations to see me sooner. He thinks I could also have a hiatal hernia or esophageal damage. Fingers crossed they find something thats nothing and I can get this taken care of. I'm miserable. Three months has been too long! 

On a good note. I have another beach trip planned this month before the test. Salt air heals everything, right? 

Speaking of salt healing, has anyone ever used the salt lamps? They are really pretty but do they really work to enhance lung and brain function, or is this some kind of weird gypsy belief? 

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